Mountains and Temples: When you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all

Mountains, temples and more mountains.  Don’t they all eventually start to look the same?

I remember my dad once saying that he liked traveling around Europe better than Asia, because “When you’ve seen one temple, you’ve seen them all!” I would have to agree and disagree with that statement.  While the majority of temples and mountains are similar in structure they each hold their own uniqueness to them.

Dinghu Mountain and lake for example is located just out of Zhaoqing City in the Dinghu District, Guangdong, Southern China.  When I visited this mountain, I was on a teacher trip with faculty members from my school.  We had just visited Seven Star Crag (read about that here) the day before and all I could think about was, “Damn. Another mountain to climb?!” However, when I got there, I remembered the obvious: I’M IN FREAKING CHINA.  Why am I complaining about seeing yet another thousand-year old temple or a mountain that has been around longer then my own country has been?

And even if all the mountains and all the temples look the same, at least maybe I can expand my knowledge of Chinese history and legends… and have a little giggle to myself when reading all the Chinese English.

When you first walk into the entrance of Dinghu Mountain, you are greeted with the Magical Tortoise.

The magical tor

The Magical Tortoise legend is as follows (in Chinese English): “On the time of Xia Dynasty (c. 21st century-16th century B.C.), almost all rivers around China were in flood.  Yu received the order to go at head of many people to dredge the waterway and to build dykes.  It made Yu to be anxious because he had none map about the rivers, suddenly, It took Yu by surprise that he saw a magical tortoise floated on the Luo He river and carried a treasure for him.  The treasure is a book and a map which teaching people how to bring the rivers under control (the name of the book is Luo Shu and the name of the map is He Tu). With the help of the tortoise, Yu led the people to put the rivers in order and found nine ways of managing country and made nine ding tripods.  At last Yu became the king of China.  This story is from Book of History, the book is famous for China Ancient books.  The magical tortoise which you can see now is made by granite, it has a length of 2 metres and a widlth of 1.56 metres and a hight of 1.28 metres and a weight of 6 ton”.

No joke.


Besides the magical Tortious, this resort also has a tree that helps you live longer….



And trees that resemble love.


Although this resorts English may be questionable, the architecture of their ancient temples is absolutely breath-taking, especially their  one of a kind rooftops.

1265261_10101246709136746_1587413526_o       1271487_10101246706516996_1488707035_o


There is a great waterfall area to sit, have a picnic and dip your feet in the water


And tons of tons of turtles.


Fast Facts about Dinghu Mountain

It is known for being one of the four most famous mountains in Guangdong Province

It is known as the “Green Gem of the Tropic Cancer”

This is the first ever nature reserve in China

This mountain has more than 10 peaks that reach over 500 meters above sea level

Dinghu Mountain has over 2,400 species of plants, 170 species of birds and 30 species of different animals

What are you thoughts on Mountains and Temples? Think after you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all? Let me know your thoughts!




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