Nanfeng Ancient Kiln

What started out as a bus trip in hunt of some good Indian food turned into a day of seeing a Kiln that is over 600 years old and still operating, the strangest piece of art work I have ever seen and Bruce Lee.

Okay maybe not the real Bruce Lee, but statues and monuments dedicated to him.  Nanfeng Kiln, located in Shiwan Town, Chancheng District, is known to locals as where the art of Foshan originated.  This is the oldest kiln in all of China, dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).  And guess what? It’s still operates on a daily basis!  Although I didn’t get the chance, visitors can enjoy the experience of making their own pottery in this 600 year old kiln. This specific kiln is referred to as a “Dragon Kiln” due to the fact that it is built against a hill and winds its way along the slope, resembling a gigantic dragon. Nanfeng is one of three existing Dragon kilns still in operation today.

Just steps away from the kiln is one of the strangest forms of public art work known: a fountain built out of 10,000 recycled toilets, sinks and urinals covering a wall 100 meters long and almost 5 meters high!





The “art piece” was created by Chinese artist Shu Yong, who along with his team, spent 2 months installing the toilets. One of the most surprising and unique pieces of work I’ve seen in China thus far!

In addition, this area had monuments dedicated to the famous Bruce Lee.  FYI: When I see statues, movies, replicas–really anything with people doing high kicks, I like to pretend that Bruce Lee and I are equally as talented.



The Wishing tree! Make a wish and tie it to the tree when you enter the park!

886512_10101379997875046_929653686_o 936774_10101380005025716_1109354995_n 1009544_10101380006637486_1181325134_o 1379867_10101380012296146_574545617_n
1425434_10101380015040646_65291679_o 1457660_10101380122101096_643693410_n 1465740_10101380112645046_155054768_o 1465834_10101380006966826_946500419_o 1492190_10101380006333096_271849737_o

I loved walking around Shiwan Park.  Definitely an experience worth remembering!

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