Color Run in Guangzhou

Growing up and into early adulthood, I’ve never been much of a runner.  Gymnastics and cheerleading? That was a whole other ball game.  I could tumble, twist and flip till the sun came up since I was a little girl…


                                                 …but tell me I have to run a 5K? Pshaaawwwwww…you’re dreaming! It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I really started to “get into” running.  And by “get into” I don’t mean running marathons or even halfies, I mean building up the endurance to run 3 miles in one day without getting winded! This running kick came and went multiple times and by July 2013 when I moved to China, I had basically given up, blaming it on the fact that China was so polluted I couldn’t ever imagine even running outside!

Over the past few years, I’ve seen numerous Facebook posts and pictures about the “Color Run” which to me looked absolutely crazy…in a good way!  From the pictures it just seemed like you sprayed paint all over each other and ran around!  However, when you experience the run, it feels like so much more.   When I heard that the “Color Run” was coming to Guangzhou, China, I knew I HAD to sign up with friends and I HAD to start running again. And run I did.  This is by FAR one of the coolest events I’ve ever experienced.

Before color RUn
Before color Run
After Color Run!
After Color Run!
Before Color Run
Before Color Run
After Color Run!
After Color Run!
After the Color Run
After the Color Run

  The Color Run is a 5 K in which you wear all white.  Every time you run 1K, workers for the Run throw colored powder at you as you sprint under a blow up sign that is blasting with music.  Auuuh-Mazing.



  • 1395211_10101314951453596_38761301_n

I don’t know how else to describe it.  I felt like the happiest person in the world to be running a 5K, drenched in sweat (which I blame completely on the China heat, not that I was out of shape) with all colors of the rainbow smeared all over me.  I’m running and I’m singing  “Yeah I’m a believer” just waiting to get to the next 1k for a new song and a new color.  It might sound silly, it might sound cliché, but this 5K made me feel alive.

When the run was all over there was still more singing, still more dancing and still more jumping.

1396047_10101314950695116_229208475_n 558853_10101314959103266_1170111451_n


I honestly cannot WAIT to do another one of these runs.  Maybe this time in the US? In Italy? Somewhere around the world! We’ll have to see!

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    GREAT post  XOXO

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