Cruising down the Pearl River Delta

One of my favorite things about China are all the lights, lights lights!  When night time comes around, everywhere you look, buildings are bright with majestic and bold colors, making every and any building stand out.  One of my favorite experiences while living here in Southern China was a boat cruise I took with other faculty members at my place of employment down the Pearl River Delta in Guangzhou.



The Pearl River delta (1, 376 miles long) is the third largest river in China and the largest one in all of Guangzhou.  It received its name “Pearl River” due to the fact that it has a stone island resembling a huge pearl, and is constantly polished by the water of the river.


1269476_10101218261506026_492391902_oAmazing views of the Canton Tower

1175073_10101218264854316_1619458966_n 1236972_10101218265418186_164276946_n 1237043_10101218268267476_501398492_n

1271283_10101218261341356_790810756_o 1273453_10101218260692656_888139994_o 1273952_10101218261121796_1666152808_o

1277830_10101231510205526_321243842_o 1278896_10101231511348236_1425131185_o


This is by far one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had while being in Guangzhou so far.  The boat cruise begins at the White Goose Pool and ends at the Guangzhou Bridge in the east and Baihedone (White Crane Cave) in the south. Still to this day, I cannot get over the lights! Pictures will never do it justice.


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