My Goodness My Guinness

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a vodka and/or wine drinker.  I absolutely detest beer. My stomach is full after one Coors Light, the taste grosses me out and it makes me burp (very unlady like)!

I will play beer pong with a mixed drink and causally sip on a glass of wine (while eating chicken wings) during a football game.  Classy, yes I know.  However, one of Dublin’s trademarks is of course, The Guinness Factory.  Everyone’s whose ever been in Dublin has gone there!

My favourite president has been there!
My favourite president has been there!
My favourite Actor has been there!
My favourite Actor has been there!
Even Michelle and Obama have been!
Even Michelle and Obama have been!

If you’re not a fan of beer, most people go to the Factory just for the experience.  Who can go to Ireland and say they haven’t had a Guinness? This factory is a self guided tour of 6 different floors.







While back in the States, children are taken on field trips to Science Museums and Parks, here in Dublin, school trips are made to the Guinness Factory!


Now there’s a very specific way to prepare and drink your Guinness.  First, the glass is filled a little more than  half way, then left to settle for THREE MINUTES. No more.  No less.




Then it’s topped up with a shamrock!


Then smile and enjoy!


The top of the Guinness Factory also has a great view of the entire city of Dublin.


Whether you’re a beer drinker or not, do not miss out on viewing this factory if you’re ever in Dublin!

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