‘I’ll never let go Jack!’ Belfast Titanic Exhibition

I’m going to be completely honest, the only reason I wanted to go see the Titanic Exhibition in Belfast was because I used to be head over heels in love with Leonardo DiCaprio (okay…I still kinda am…)and I’ve seen the movie Titanic at least a dozen times.  Celine Dion’s song “My heart will go on” was the first musical piece I forced myself to learn on the piano and I tried for at least a year to stand on the points of my toes like Rose did in her dancing scene (fail).

The new Exhibition didn’t have nearly as much of Rose and Jack as I thought it would, but it did have very impressive high-tech visual effects and was most definitely worth the 16.50P we paid (children/family/student discounts are also available).  The Exhibition is self guided and takes you through the entire Titanic experience, from the blue print s to how many bolts were needed in the ship, to the journey and the end.  Truly a great experience, especially if you’re a history buff.  It also takes you on a ride inside—a very slow roller coaster ride and brings you through the make of the Titanic.




As most of you know, I’m a bit of a camera whore, so it shouldn’t surprise you when I say I took at least 100 pictures on the inside of this Exhibition.  With that being said, I’m only going to share with you a few that really stood out to me!

Silhouettes were walking all around the halls throughout the exhibition
Silhouettes were walking all around the halls throughout the exhibition
Very first original blue print of the Titanic
Very first original blue print of the Titanic
A love letter from a passenger on the ship
A love letter from a passenger on the ship

After watching the Leo version of the movie, I tried to learn everything that I could about The Titanic.  I rented out books from the library, I watched old films, and then I made my dad quiz me on all the facts that I learned.  As a result of my weeks upon weeks of my obsession, I found it extremely interesting that the exhibition displayed the SOS message the Titanic sent out and what was sent back.


Another quick fact…


I don’t feel like that’s the best track record…

Once again, I definitely recommend going to this Exhibit, even if you’re not interested in learning about the Titanic, the visual effects alone are worth the trip.  And for all you hopeless romantic, do not fret, there’s a bit of Jack and Rose at the end 🙂


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