In the city of Belfast

Last week my best friend and I had an EPIC time exploring the UK and the Republic of Ireland, which I cannot wait to tell you all about!  I wanted to begin however with Belfast.  Unlike other cities, such as Edinburgh and London, we had a bit of trouble finding free things to do in this bustling town.  However, that doesn’t mean that doesn’t mean that their not out there-just have to dig a little deeper!

Belfast City Hall

Absolutely beautiful courtyard to walk around….although, we did get yelled at for trying to perform a self guided tour inside the City Hall.




The hotel Europe was known during “The Troubles” as a hangout spot for writers and journalists.  Of course, you have to pay for a room, but touring it is completely free.  Very historical landmark in Belfast.


Street Art

In both Belfast and Derry, I’ve seen amazing street art.  Belfast there seemed to be a different mural around every corner.




Queens University

Stunning University to walk around.



Botanical Gardens

I have a little obsessed with finding beautiful gardens…Belfast was no different.





The Big Fish

Historical Landmark in Belfast.


We were able to spend our entire first day in Belfast just walking around and exploring the sights, with only spending money on food! Now there are a few cost-friendly exhibits that I would highly recommend in Belfast (such as their new Titanic Exhibit) but that’s for another entry 🙂

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3 thoughts on “In the city of Belfast

  1. Love your blogs of your travels myself and a group of friends love reading them hope your friend has a wonderful time here in our beautiful country !!

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