How I spent the most intense Easter Sunday of my life

I wanted to back track a few weeks to Easter Weekend, to which I spent in London. Typically, Easter Sunday revolves around getting up and going to church, followed by gorging ourselves on food and wine, taking a nap, more eating then ending the night with some sort of board game.  On Easter Sunday, the attire is normally a nice dress for gals and khakis and a button down for the lads.

Easter in London was anything but this. 

I spent the weekend with a friend of mine who originally said we were going out for a nice brunch on Easter.  This changed into we are going to “The Church” for Easter Sunday.  “The Church” is anything but holy-it’s a club that hosts holiday events.  I was told that the nice dress I brought to wear on Easter could not be worn and to put on clothes that I didn’t mind getting dirty (how was I going to get that dirty in a club?!) My friend then proceeded to give me a pair of ears to wear and off we went.  By the time we got to “The Church” there was already a huge line of people dressed up not only in bunny attire, but as monsters or aliens or was like Halloween all over!

photo (1)

Walking inside at NOON on a Sunday, the club was a sight to see.  People were walking around with bags of beer cans (yes, they sold six packs in bags at the bar) and there was a huge projector/camcorder at the front of the hall that would randomly stop on a person in the club with big letters saying “Show us your tits!” or something equally as raunchy.


The person the camcorder focused on would either do what they were told and get excited howls from the crowd or would back away and get booed.  Crazy!

Easter Sunday then got even more intense, with strippers on stage (both male and females) and people throwing beer all over the crowd (thank god I didn’t wear my nice Easter dress)!

photo (2)photo (3)

Even going to the bathroom was an adventure in itself, you were lucky if you weren’t fondled by a random person on your way through the crowd to the toilets. Even more so! There was a huge trashcan dividing the lines between the Men and Female toilets where if the line was too long, boys would go and whip it out and pee into the trashcan!

Regardless, it was definitely an experience and the least boring Easter I’ve ever had! I went home soaked in beer with images of a 40 year old stripper dancing on stage and my feet delightfully sore from dancing.  Don’t believe Easter Sunday can be that crazy? Click here for pictures from the night.

photo (4)

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