Derry Comedy

A few weeks ago my friend and I spent Friday and Saturday going to see different plays that Derry was putting on! Friday night we saw an amazing play at the PlayHouse titled “For love with John Duddy“.

This play is a 4 person show, featuring John Duddy, Jo Kinsella, Georgina McKevitt and Laoisa Sexton. The plays main theme revolved around three women who navigate Dublin’s tricky night life and is looking for love in all the wrong places.

Londonderry middleweight John Duddy was once a world title contender but hung up his gloves two years ago, and since then has pursued an alternative career as an actor.


The Big List says the following as a prelub to this amazing play

“Watch as three women navigate the murky assault course of Dublin’s tricky nightlife, as they look for love in all the wrong faces and places. Is there more than a one night stand in Val’s future? Can Tina find the right dress if she’s got the wrong man? Should Bee hop into bed with a married man or just go to the zoo?… Or is there something else… out there?”


This play literally had me stitches the entire time.

Play number two on Saturday was titled “Singing I’m no Billy He’s a Tim!” which was played at Waterside Theater.

DG1 Flyer[1]

This was a three man act created by Des Dillion about two football fans from either side of the Old Firm Divide who are forced to confront each other’s point of view and culture, after being locked up in a cell together on derby day. Billy (the “proddy”) is played by David Alexander, Tim is played by James McAnearney and Harry (the watchful prison guard) is played by Wullie Brennan (my favourite character!)


Although this show was hilarious, I must admit I did not understand some of the jokes revolving around the Irish and Scottish Culture. If you’re interested however, please find the link to the script here.  Even though it’s a million times more funny watching it on stage, some of the jokes may be equally humourous to read!


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