Road Tripping around Scotland

After an amazing night of exploring Edinburgh’s best pubs, we decided to spend our last full day in Scotland taking a tour outside of the city center. We bought tickets through a company called ‘Haggis Adventures’ where by small coach bus we were taken to Stirling Castle, the Loch Lomond and then a whiskey distillery!

Our First stop was at Stirling Castle, where I pretending to be William Wallace from Braveheart and clumsily climbed a “mountain” yelling “They may take our land-but they will never take-our freeedoom-ahhhhhh!”


After I got that out of my system, we continued to tour the outside of the castle, which has breath-taking views.


Inside the castle they had characters walking around pretending to be jesters, guards, kings and queens of that time period. 733835_10100981840869876_2107338510_n[1]

I also learned a little history that Sterling Castle has been taken over time and time again over the centuries.


From a distance we were able to see the William Wallace Monument, but unfortunately, it was too far away for us to trek to.

Willaim Wallace

Overall, it was a beautiful Castle and the views alone were worth the trip.


Our next stop on the tour was Loch Lomond


I tried to keep an eye out for Nessy, the Loch-Ness Monster, but he was nowhere to be found.



Last on our tour today was the Whiskey Distillery in Glengoyne!


Not only was the whiskey delish (and I am not a whiskey fan!) if you paid an extra fee, you can cork your own bottle of whiskey, which my friend Jeff did!


COOLEST thing about this distillery? If you’re brave enough to run in the middle of the road between the parking lot and the distillery, you’re standing in the high lands AND the low lands.  You’re in two places at once!


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3 thoughts on “Road Tripping around Scotland

  1. You will have to haste ye back to Scotland Hilary – you have seen such a small bit of our beautiful country and I have it on good authority that Nessie resides in a different Loch – Loch Ness, further north. We also have a large number of independent hostels so you should find plenty of places to stay and write about. Let me know with a reply if you are heading up to the Dundee area and I would be happy to show you some of our wonderful area. Cathy.

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