Glasgow in a day

After spending a few days in Dublin, my travel buddy Jeff and myself decided to spend the week in Scotland (a country neither of us has ever been to!)  We stayed in Glasgow for a night and then Edinburgh for four nights.  I absolutely fell in love with Edinburgh, but Glasgow had some interesting places to offer as well (although, I’m happy we decided to only book the hostel for one night, we were able to walk around the entire city in about 8 hours and then didn’t know what to do with ourselves).

We stayed in a hostel called Blue Sky which was about a 15 minute walk from the city center.  We booked a room with two sets of bunk beds (12 Pounds) and the hostel included Free internet, WiFi, Self Catering Hostel Facilities, Safety Deposit, Lounge Area, No Curfews and no children. One weird thing about the room? NO OUTLETS! We had to charge our phones in the hallways!


We started our day off by going to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (which had absolutely amazing architecture) and then proceeded to the main university in Glasgow. 528917_10100973944414436_928891441_n[1]

University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow


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