Breakfast in Derry

Every day that I’m volunteering, I typically take the bus into Derry and then walk over the Peace Bridge to where YouthAction is located (beautiful walk overlooking the Foyle River) Since the bus drops me off at the depot around 8:30 (and I don’t normally have to be at work untill 10:00) I take this time to discover new breakfast places around this area! Three things you should know about me before I continue:

  1. I love food. Like really love food.  Olives and feta cheese are the only two things that absolutely gross me out.  If I could continually eat and try new dishes all day long (without gaining 100 pounds) I would do it without a second thought.
  2. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I turn into a crazy cranky pants if I don’t have it.
  3. I’m on a travellers budget, which means I’m looking for great food for great prices

Cafe Soul has been my typical go to since they have a range of healthy food for very reasonable prices (plus unlimited coffee…which is not as easy to come by here as it is in the States), but I decided to venture out a bit today (and by venture out I mean try the café across the street). Oh.My.God. I’ve never had a more delicious breakfast baguette (home made and FRESH bread with egg, tomato, bacon and sausage). I don’t even usually like sausage but this breakfast was absolutely scrumptious (and filling!) Add a skinny latte on that and I’m set til dinner time.  Cafe Fresco is located right down the street from the Derry bus depot.  It has a nice, quiet atmosphere, plus-free wifi! Prices are very reasonable (breakfast baguette 3.05P and skinny vanilla late 2.05P).  I highly recommend this pace if you’re on a budget and looking for a meal to get you through the day!20130306-084219-AM.jpg

Have a favorite restureant in Derry?? Comment and let me know about it!

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