Trinity College and Harry Potter

While on my trip to Dublin, we stopped at Trinity college, which is an absolutely beautiful campus.


We were planning on seeing the Book of Kells but for some reason unknown to us, it was not on display for the day.  However, we were able to see the STUNNING library at Trinity that the Harry Potter movies were modeled after.  This library is no longer in use for students, but strictly for tourist purposes.



A little Trinity College History?
Craziest Fact?  There is only ONE way to enter Trinity College-through the front gates!  The whole campus is sealed off by fences and there are no other entryways!
If visiting Dublin this is most certainly on the top list of places to go see!


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7 thoughts on “Trinity College and Harry Potter

  1. Did you know that Catholics weren’t allowed to go there until the 20th century? And the book of Kells is displayed in a dim room, and opened to a boring page. You didn’t miss much

      1. Not true at all about the Book – there are actually four volumes; two are always on display, one showing a major decorated page and one showing a text/minor decoration page. The pages are turned periodically. There are also several other beautiful manuscripts in the general exhibition. I used to teach in Dublin, so I’ve been there half a dozen times with students – it was always magnificent. You definitely missed out, and should definitely go back! Poor Daneene obviously didn’t know what to look out for.
        Nice write-up!

  2. Nice article. Don’t know who told you the ‘one entrance’ bit – there are 4 entrances. And the Book of Kells is a miracle. You’ll have to come back some day!

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