Bars, Pubs and Clubs: Boston, MA

Unlike so many other bloggers today, I’m not going to be posting about my New Years Resolutions or what I hope to accomplish this year (you can see what I’m forever trying to achieve on my Bucket List) however, I do want to cheers to new adventures, new cities and new friends in 2013.

With that being said, I can’t hide my excitement about going to visit friends in Boston, MA this upcoming weekend! This city will always hold a special place in my heart and I loved living there.  Over the next three days before I leave I will be blogging about my favorite attractions that tourists and locals would love, starting of course with Bars, Pubs and Clubs!

  • Howl at the Moon: My ALL time favorite bar/club in Boston. It is located right in the city (on High Street) and is a dueling piano bar.
    My favorite singer of the club
    My favorite singer of the club

    Jammin' with the keyboard player
    Jammin’ with the keyboard player

Howl at the moon has such a versatile crowd, you meet people of all ages from 21 to 61 tearing it up on the dance floor.  The musicians on the stage all sing and play at least two different types of instruments.  I’ve never seen them not be able to perform a song requested.  Even though Howl at the Moon is smaller than other clubs, you can always find a place to dance.

My best friend and I dancing
My best friend and I dancing

This bar is also known for their 86oz “Buckets” which costumers never really know (or question) what’s inside because they always turn our delicious.


One of the best things about this place is the energy the musicians bring to the people there.  Not only do they know every song, they also encourage everyone to get up on stage and dance.

And did I mention they’ve got talent?!

This piano bar is definitely a must if you’re visiting Boston.  Lines are extremely long however, so get there early!

  • Gypsy Bar: Located on Boylston St.  this is the best place if you’re in the mood to dance and meet new people.  Unlike Howl at the Moon, who will play any song you request, Gypsy Bar mainly only has hip hop music.  They’ve got great DJs and host fun events around the holidays. You’ll never be sitting still at this place!

get low

dancing the night away

  • Looking for something low key and Irish?  Check out the Black Rose, located directly in Quincy Market.  Bartenders here are straight off the boat, the food is nothing but delicious fish n’ chips, potatoes and corn bread and there is live traditional Irish music 7 days a week.

There you have it! Top three clubs/pubs/bars for any age and music liking!  Feel free to leave a comment if you have other suggestions on fabulous places to go have a drink in the great city of Boston!



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