Italia in the summer

After graduating from Syracuse University my parents as a present took my biffle and I to Italy.  Before going, my father (who had heard many scandalous rumors about Italian men) made biffle and I memorize certain Italian phrases to ward off these pushy flirtatious men (who were only after us girls because we were naïve Americans). Our nightly conversations before our trip consisted something along these lines:

Dad: Now girls, if a man comes up to you in Italy and wants to buy you a drink, what do you say?
Us: sì
Dad: No! Va vià! Get away!
Us: What if he’s cute?
Dad: No Va vià!
Us: What if we’re lost?
Dad: No Va vià!
Us: What if…

This continued for hours.  Poor dad. He did not find our little antics as humorous as we did.

Regardless, we made it safe and sound to Italy and back without any bad run-ins with those crazy Italian men. 

I don’t believe any amount of descriptive words could sum how breathtaking Italy was.  You could roam each town for hours and still not get enough.  And the food.  Did I mention the food? No exaggeration when I say, as a family, we gained a good 20 pounds in the 11 days we were there.  But it was worth it.  The wine was delizioso. The risotto was per morire per.  And the tomato, Basil and Moz. sandwich was now my favorite thing on the planet to have for a late pranzo.

Dinner in Rome, Italy. Wine galore!
Opera music during dinner. Rome, Italy.
Love this picture. Colosseum at dusk.
The Basilica
Lunch in a café in Rome, Italy.
Colosseum during the day!
St. Peters Square
St. Peters Square
It’s the pope!
Trevi FountainThe Spanish Steps
Fam inside the Pantheom
The Vatican
Sneakily taking a picture of the Sistine Chapel. I wish they would have allowed photography. Absolutely beautiful.
nighttime stroll around Rome
Boat ride to Venice!
St. Marks Square Venice, Italy.

Quick side note: I am deathly afraid of birds.  I’m talking duck and cover scream my lung out when one even comes remotely close to me. I won’t get out of my car if there are birds circling the parking lot.  And I refused to watching the movie “The Birds” in high school and opted to do an oral presentation and paper instead.  Right when we got off the boat in Venice, St. Marks square was covered in birds. I had never seen so many in life.  As the fear set in and tears were slowly streaming down my face, I had a mini panic attack, causing our tour guide to go BEZERK! “What’s wrong! What’s wrong! Oh il mio dio!” My parents were able to convince her that this was a normal thing for me and I didn’t need to get back on the boat and head for the hospital.  Still, if you’re scared of birds, be aware of St. Marks Square.

The city on water. Venice, Italy.
Venice, Italy.
Venice, Italy.
Venice, Italy.
Venice, Italy.
Gondola Ride.
Our singer on the Gondola.
Casanova’s house.
Berano, Italy.
Such pretty houses.
This part of Italy is a very big fishing village.
Juliet’s balcony.
Men are supposed to rub Juliet’s statue for good luck.
The leaning tower of Pisa.
Assisi is an extremely religious part of Italy where St. Francis lived.
The Basilica of San Francesco d’Assi
The Basilica of San Francesco d’Assi

Another side note.  Italy is extremely religious.  Especially Assisi.  When entering a church you must have your knees and shoulders covered as a woman and men had to wear long pants. Biffle and I abided by these guidelines no matter how hot Italy was in the summer.  However, while in a Church in Assisi my long sleeve cardigan slipped a little, exposing a TINY portion of my shoulder.  I didn’t even realize my catastrophic mistake until a monk came up to me screaming in Italian.  I had no idea what was going on but it was made clear by his pointing at my bare shoulder and yells, I was no longer welcome in the church.  My father was not pleased.

All in all, Italy was absolutely amazing.  My parents are going back this summer and I am insanely jealous.  I would recommend this trip to anyone.

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