Stockholm on a budget

To end my series of blogs on Sweden I thought I’d talk a little about how to explore Stockholm on a budget.  As I mentioned before, Sweden is expensive.  I’m talking $12.50 USD for a beer and $25 USD for a burger and fries. But that’s no reason not to go and enjoy all that this country has to offer.  You just have to prepare ahead of time.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, Sweden is untouched by modern buildings and new age fluff.  If I had time, I could roam all the streets of Stockholm just admiring the old architecture that has been around for hundreds of years and kept in mint condition. To stay on a budget, it’s easy to roam the street all day and into the night.

Attempting to imitate the statue

Renting a bike for the day is also  extremely reasonable (25 Kroner per 3 hours=$4 USD).

Even though Sweden is full of swanky and pricey restaurants, it’s easy to get a taste of natural Swedish cuisine for a low price. Stockholm is full of street vendors that sell sausages and kebabs for low prices.

There are also numerous free activities to take part in.

  • Changing of the Guard
    • The Swedish royal family employs 30,000 individual guards.  Stockholm has a free 40 minute event in front of the residence of the King of Sweden every day.
  • Free walking tour for Djurgården (meaning Game Park)
    • And island right in the middle of Stockholm, known for its beautiful green spaces.  From just about anywhere in Stockholm, this free tour takes about 2.5 hours and will show you the best of the island
  • Beautiful Churches
    • Visiting a church isn’t just for super religious people.  A lot of churches in Stockholm have beautiful artwork inside (I’d check out the Royal Cathedral (Storkyrkan))
  • Free Museums
    • Stockholm has gorgeous beaches! Check out Långholmsbadet or Smedsuddsbadet beach, both ideal for swimming and sun bathing.
  • If you’re visiting in the winter, Kungstradgarden offers free ice skating!

So is Sweden worth visiting? definitely.  Small but lovely country full of history and pleasant people.  Just research in advance for money saving tips and go prepared knowing it is not the cheapest area.

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