Photography of a beautiful wedding in Sweden

The main reason for our visit to Sweden was the marriage of Erik and Annette.

Erik and Annette

While they both live in the States now, Annette’s whole family still lives in Sweden (Before I go any further I just have to say how amazing her family was.  They welcomed us our first day in Sweden with a home-made buffet full of authentic food and helped and organized all our activities throughout our time in Sweden.  They were wonderful)! I have to say without a doubt that Erik and Annette’s wedding was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever had the pleasure of attending.  Their wedding was outdoors and an easy five minute walk from our hostel in Långholmen. The main purpose of this entry is just to share how stunning the whole ceremony ended up looking.

On our walk to the wedding
Beautiful set up with the Langholmen Bridge in the background
Simply yet elegant set up

Annette’s father built the gazebo!

First comical moment of the day, one of the guests arriving at the ceremony going into a frenzy because he literally had ants in his pants. 

Ants in your pants!
Our group before the ceremony began

What I loved most about this wedding was the simplicity of it.  It was not meant to be an extravagant wedding full of hoop-la and pomp.  It was all about family and being with those who you love.  There were no more than 40 people at the wedding, the Grooms Father was the one who preformed the ceremony, and a very small band played throughout.  It was not full of religion, but “one love”.

Flower girl and Ring bearer make their way down the aisle

Comical Moment #2: Ring bearer falls down and doesn’t know what to do!


Luckily, he had an uncle to help him back up!

The beautiful bride escorted by both her parents
So pretty.
Michael, Erik’s father, who preformed the ceremony.
One Love.

Another unique touch that made this wedding even more fabulous, was that the couple had a rope ceremony.  Before this, I had never even heard of one.  Each of the mothers created their own piece of rope that the groom and bride tied together to symbolize their union.

Rope Ceremony
Rope Ceremony
Rope Ceremony

Comical moment #3: Groom comforts crying best man (he’s emotional)!

Groom and Best Man

Comical moment #4: Groom forgot to get his ring sized only to discover it was too tight!

Did you remember to get your ring sized?!

I’m not exaggerating when I say this was the ideal wedding, at least for me!  Not only could see you see how much love was there, you felt it.  Okay, before I start getting more cliché and sappy, let’s skip to “you may now kiss the bride” and move on to the reception.

I now pronounce you husband and wife!

Reception was also absolutely striking.  A solo guitarist played while the wedding party went gallivanting around taking pictures (they took close to two hours by the way…which meant most of us were sloshed by the time they returned).

Outdoor area of reception
Guitarist playing outdoors
Inside Reception Hall
Beautiful Flower Girl
42 people at a wedding and we’re in the same dress
Thirsty girl!
Bride and Groom finally appear!
Beautiful Ring.
First dance with a smooch
Mother and son dance
Wedding cake
Feeding of the cake
What a messy eater.

Time to get our groove and stogies on

First on the dance floor 🙂
Chair time
Watch your head!
Up he goes!
Whole crew dancing
Cigars a plenty
Laughs a plenty.
One of my favorite pictures of the Groom and his Mom

We danced and drank and laughed until around 3am.  At that time, everyone from the wedding went outside and sent off  Chinese Fire Lanterns.  Perfect way to end a perfect day.

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One thought on “Photography of a beautiful wedding in Sweden

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome trip. For those of us who stayed in Stockholm the entire time there was also the amazing ice bar (where the groom to be was asked to leave–silly rules) and kayaking on the Baltic Sea!

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