Fun loving hostel in Stockholm

Who’s stoked to go to Sweden?!

This past summer, I travelled to Stockholm, Sweden with 12 of my closest family members.

No matter how fun loving, awesome,  ‘lets have a great time’ you think your family is, no one should have to endure the experience of road trippin’ in four small cars with that large of group.

We were flying out of JFK in New York City, which meant we would have to drive about four hours from Syracuse, NY to get there.  My family believed it would be a great idea to follow one another the whole entire ride  (because one car arriving at JFK at 12:15 instead of 12:00 is just too crazy of an idea). We took four cars (which each included a GPS) and every time someone had to use the bathroom, all four cars pulled over.  Anytime someone wanted a coffee, all four cars pulled over. Anytime one GPS recalculated, the cell phones in the other three cars would ring with sheer panic on the other line!  You get the picture.  What typically would be a 4 hour drive ended up being closer to 6.  By the time we made it into Central Park, everyone was cranky, tired and ready for an alcoholic beverage.  But alas! All 4 cars made it to the airport and we still had at least 5 hours to spare before our plane took off.  Which meant it was time to hit the airport bar.

Airport Bar JFK

After having two margaritas, three beers, and a few shots here and there, I finally felt I was ready to deal with my family on a six hour flight to Iceland (then another three hours to Sweden).  If I couldn’t deal with them, at least I would pass out.  Life is good.

We made it. 

The fun loving, inexpensive  hostel we stayed at in Sweden was called Langholmen (meaning The Green Island) which is located smack in the middle of central Stockholm.  The hostel itself used to be a Swedish prison that was closed in 1975 and then beautifully renovated.

Each “cell” had been refurbished into a livable room.

Outside view of each Cell-Hostel keeps rich history of Prison
Room sans people
View from the window into the main room (bathroom through the door on left)
View from the bottom bunk up-old newspaper clips detailing crimes that put people in the prison
The mirror across from the beds resembles a Guillotine
WC and standing shower

As you can see, rooms are extremely small, so this may not be the best option if you are planning on staying the night in one of these rooms with 3+ people (I slept on the top bunk, my mother on the bottom and my dad used a small pull out from the bottom bunk).  However, if you have extra money to spare, the Hostel does offer bigger rooms for a more expensive price.  Still, beds are comfortable and rooms are extremely clean. Plus, all we needed was a place to sleep since we were gallivanting throughout the day and into the night (Fun Fact-Did you know that in the summer, the sun never sets in Sweden.  It is constantly light out)!

The first place we went after we checked out our cells?  The bar of course.

The bar area was extremely comfortable with flat screen TVs and amicable bar tenders.  I recommend trying out the beers “Heaven” and “Hell”.

Bar area is connected to where a delicious breakfast buffet is served every morning.  Food ranges from yogurt and cheeses, to cereal with fruit, to meat and fish to bread and jam.  All the food was fresh and farmed locally.

The only thing missing was complimentary Bloody Mary’s or Mimosas.

The whole ‘Prison Theme’ of this hostel was made complete with statues and figurines taking guests back to the earlier times of the establishment.

Laughs while sitting on two “inmates”

There is also a Prison Museum located inside the Hostel, which brings you through the prisons history and what type of criminals were placed there.

Outside the front of the hostel is a cozy beach for children to play on or to spend your day relaxing in the sun.

Complete with jogging and biking trails.

View from trail

Langholmen Bridge

Through the back and side entrances of Langholmen there is yet another bar and comfortable couches to sit and read a book during the day or enjoy a bottle of wine late into the night.

Prices are extremely reasonable for this part of the country (Sweden is expensive!) and all that the hostel offers.  Plus, it is very safe (obvi, it’s designed after a prison)!  I would recommend this unique place to both travellers on a budget who want to stay in more than just a bed for a night and those that are looking for the full Stockholm experience.  The location is central to shopping, galleries and theaters.

Options are as followed:

Accommodation I (Adult Dormitory with shower and WC in Corridor, no TV or tele)

  • One bed: SEK 220/person & night ($33 American Dollars)
  • Two Beds: SEK 325/person & night ($48 American Dollars)
  • Four beds: SEK 270/person & night($40 American Dollars)

Accommodation II (Cell with shower & WC, TV and Tele)

  • Single room: SEK 600/person & night  ($89 American Dollars)
  • Two beds: SEK 340/Person & night ($50 American Dollars)
  • Three beds: SEK 300/person & night($44 American Dollars)

Prices are reduced for a group over ten and for children.  Breakfast is SEK 95 extra ($14) for an all you can eat tasty buffet.

More to come on this Swedish Adventure!


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